More Cocktails…….

By Gemma

Lemonade cart

Happy Norwich Cocktail Week! I’ve been working on this with Mr Chick for almost a year, and watching it become a reality has been pretty exciting! On Friday night we had a launch party which was sponsored by Stolichnaya Vodka which meant I got to stand behind a lemonade cart and give free Stoli Lemonades […] …read more

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Mad Men, Burlesque, Bohemia and Countryside

By Gemma


Don’t ever let anyone tell you there’s nothing to do in Norwich. Monday morning has come around again after a hugely busy and fun packed weekend! I’m sure that these posts are a lot like someone forcing you to look through all of their holiday photos, but in my head I am convincing myself that […] …read more

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Things I Bought and a Spot of Roller Derby

By Gemma


So, I’m still all laid up with a sprained ankle. It’s not fun, and despite my unshakeable belief in my own magical healing powers after a week and a half it has mysteriously failed to be completely healed, almost as if the Doctor actually knew better than me when he said 4-6 weeks minimum. Humph. […] …read more

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