Pancakes, Vintage Style

March 7, 2011

Biddy’s Tea Room

March 8th 11-5pm

Here at Vintage Norwich we’re always astonished that more people don’t make the most of all the excuses to celebrate that our calendar provides.

Even if you’re not religious Shrove Tuesday is still surely a good excuse for a pancake? No?

Well, if you can’t be bothered to make them yourselves then get yourself down to Biddy’s Tea Room on Lower Goat Lane tomorrow and join in the Pancake Party!


For the whole day Biddy’s will ONLY be serving sweet and savoury pancakes and all orders will receive a free pot of Tea for the day.

Fillings will include….

Chicken and Mushroom

Spinach and Stilton

Ham and Cheese

Cheese, Tomato and Herb

Cherry, Chocolate and Ice Cream

Orange and Pineapple

Maple Syrup and Walnut

Chocolate, Banana and Cream

and of course Lemon and Sugar!


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Gemma is one of the UK’s top vintage lifestyle bloggers at Retro Chick. She has lived in Norwich since she graduated university and feels passionately that Norwich has a great deal to offer anyone who’s interested in vintage or alternative cultures, if only they know where to find it.

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