Looses Antiques Market – The Future

May 4, 2012

While we’re waiting on a new location for Best of Vintage Awards winner Aladdins Cave, we decided it was time to catch up with the new owners of what is now called Loose’s Antique Emporium for an update on their plans for the business. We spoke to Martin Roche about the future of the building, and why it’s a great place to shop.

What led you to decide to take over the lease on the old Loose’s building?

Patrick Wilshire, the new lease holder has always been a major player in the antique business in Norwich and had  previously been associated with  Loose’s. With Loose’s comes a responsibility to continue the high standards of trading previously enjoyed by the customers over the last 60 plus years and he is keen to follow that tradition.

What made you decide to call the new business Loose’s Antique Emporium?

Whatever we  like to call it the public still think of it as Loose’s because thats what its been called for decades.

What changes have been made since you took over the building?

We are now the biggest dealer based Antiue Centre in East Anglia.
The main changes are to the stock, even more antiques! We are now able to offer lower prices to the general public because we have been joined by another group of established Antique dealers, selling a wonderful range of mind blowing antiques from all eras!

What are your future plans?

Mr. Wilshire also runs The Wymondham Warehouse, selling Antique and second hand furniture, and the  St. Augustines Antique Centre.  The idea is to promote each others business in the 3 centres and offer a better service to our customers. We can “Hot Line” each other to ask for a particular item a customer is seeking anything from Alladins Lamp to a vintage settee!

Do you have any further plans for the business?

Once everything is working well I would like another shop in the centre of Norwich and an Auction House with links to London.  I want the Emporium to be exciting enough to attract National and international dealersThere will be something for everyone and, as always, real bargains to be had in Saturday’s Flea Market upstairs.

We at Vintage Norwich think the more places to shop for Vintage there are in Norwich the better, and we can’t wait to see how the story develops!

The Antique Centres mentioned are.....
LOOSE'S ANTIQUE EMPORIUM Magdalen Street Norwich
All enquiries Tel. 07881763791
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Gemma is one of the UK’s top vintage lifestyle bloggers at Retro Chick. She has lived in Norwich since she graduated university and feels passionately that Norwich has a great deal to offer anyone who’s interested in vintage or alternative cultures, if only they know where to find it.

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