Music: Them Harvey Boys

September 10, 2012

Describing themselves as ”an acoustic string band with one foot in the past but the other two firmly in the now”  this is a band that you need go and watch if you like your music to have a big bluegrass twist. The band consists of a father and son team and three other members who met on the folk scene in Diss many years ago.  These likeable chaps have a charismatic busking style quality to them. Having seen them a few times now, it’s evident that after years of playing together they just ‘get’ each other.

Them Harvey Boys 1

Never feeling clinical or over rehearsed, despite having gigged together for so long,  they have  a real smile factor to them, making them not only great to listen to but fun to watch. With instruments including guitars, double bass, mandolin and the banjo (and the audience at times joining in with hands banging on tables, feet tapping on the floor and of course singing along) the pace is fast and the songs are varied, taking songs we know from the past and present along with some self-penned ones. 

Them Harvey Boys 3

 My personal favourite cover they perform is Viva Las Vegas, which I feel they do better than the man himself. Sorry Elvis!  However  also worth listening out for is their version of Staying Alive, how they hit those Bee Gee notes I do not know! At the last gig I saw them at, we were treated to them bringing the music off the stage and into the audience, as they walked through the crowd without stopping the gig, yes even the double bass was played on the move.

Them Harvey Boys 6

Not wanting the leave the staff out of the performance, the band even went behind the bar, bringing  just about everyone in the pub who had nabbed a chair for the evening, up onto their feet or a few like me even stood up on benches. The most disappointing thing about watching these chaps is when it all ends. Definitely one of the best bands I’ve seen, for quite some time. If you want your music delivered in good old bluegrass style, a dash of fun and a big slice of personality then go out and see Them Harvey Boys.

Them Harvey Boys 8



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