Vintage Norwich visits 42 King Street

October 9, 2012

42 King Street has been open for 10 months now as a quiet, unassuming, cafe bar. It’s location is good, on King Street, unsurprisingly from the name. It’s central, yet far enough away from the weekend chaos of Prince of Wales Road. Mysteriously, however, we at Vintage Norwich have never made it through the door until last Friday.

Possibly part of the reason is that we had absolutely no idea that it had such an astonishingly good list of incredibly well made cocktails.

The decor inside is basic, but stylish; mid century chairs and wooden benches rather than glamorous art deco steel and chrome; but if you’re a lover of good cocktails this is definitely one of the best places to go in Norwich. The bar is owned by Grace and Matthew, and their enthusiasm for a well made cocktail is obvious. They’re happy to tell you the history of the drinks and chat about cocktail ingredients as well as recommending drinks that might suit your tastes.

The cocktail menu goes on for 2 full pages, including classic cocktails like a Whisky Sour or a Manhattan, cocktails with a twist like, er, the Rhubarb Manhattan (I like Manhattans, ok.) and more contemporary classics like an Espresso Martini. We sampled 3 each before we had to stagger gently off into the night. These are strong drinks, not for the faint hearted!

The bar also boasts a tapas menu to help you soak up those cocktails, we haven’t yet sampled it, but we’re looking forward to returning soon. There’s a lot of cocktails to work through on that list.

See some more of our photos from 42 King Street over on the Vintage Norwich Facebook page

42 King Street is open from 4pm Monday- Saturday
You can find them on Facebook or Twitter
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Gemma is one of the UK’s top vintage lifestyle bloggers at Retro Chick. She has lived in Norwich since she graduated university and feels passionately that Norwich has a great deal to offer anyone who’s interested in vintage or alternative cultures, if only they know where to find it.

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