Vintage Norwich Visits The New Aladdins Cave

November 2, 2012

It was all go earlier this year when in April we reported that Vintage Norwich award winner Aladdins Cave was looking for new premises and had left it’s home known as Looses. In May we spoke to the new owners of Looses Antiques Emporium about their plans for the future.

Well, after 6 months of waiting Aladdins Cave finally has a new home at the end of Magdalen Street, so Vintage Norwich had to pop in for a look around.

The new venue is brighter and airier than the old, so it feels fresh and light, while still maintaining that sense of discovery that we all want from an Antique Market.

You never know whether round the next corner you’re going to find the perfect cocktail cabinet, a hand painted table or some unknown curio.

You can find vintage clothing sellers as well as furniture, books and home decor among the offerings, as well as a few more unusual pieces that we’ll leave you to discover for yourself!

It’s obvious that there are still a few spaces left for sellers to fill in Aladdins Cave, it’s only been open about a month, but the sheer size of the building means that the range already there is excellent, and the prices in general remain as good as they always were at the old venue.

The much anticipated opening of Aladdins Cave in it’s new venue makes Magdalen Street a true mecca for vintage shoppers with Looses Antique Market, Retreat Vintage, Junk & Gems, Shades of Pale and any number of charity shops also being located along it’s length. We love to spend a Saturday afternoon just working our way from one end to the other picking up bargains!

If you want to see a few more photos from inside the new Aladdins Cave then pop over to our Facebook page and take a look.

For any enquiries about Aladdins Cave you can visit their Facebook page or call 07954 987168


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Gemma is one of the UK’s top vintage lifestyle bloggers at Retro Chick. She has lived in Norwich since she graduated university and feels passionately that Norwich has a great deal to offer anyone who’s interested in vintage or alternative cultures, if only they know where to find it.

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