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November 27, 2012

We’re certainly not short of choice in Norwich when it comes to ways to style our homes.  With an abundance of shops selling vintage home-wares of all decades and price tags, creating a unique home has probably never been easier.  Given an unlimited budget, we bet you could create an interesting vintage home very quickly, may be even in a day given the amount of vintage and antique shops we have dotted around our fine city.

But what if your budget doesn’t stretch that far? Or perhaps you’re in no rush? Maybe you like the buzz of finding a treasure at a bargain price? If you can’t face the early morning start of a carboot sale, or, like now, it’s out of season, then we suggest you hit the charity shops.

Prices can vary, we’ve seen a very plain seventies desk priced at £40 in one shop, and a gorgeous 50s cocktail cabinet in another for £20. Sometimes there seems no logic to pricing items, but charity shops are obviously a great way to shop and be green, whilst helping a charity and adding some vintage chic to your house.

Even if you’re not in need of big statement pieces like wardrobes and dressing tables, you can easily dot vintage gems around the home to add little pockets of interest, keep an eye out for vintage fabrics like curtains that can be transformed into cushion covers, or quilted vintage bedspreads. Attractive vintage goodies can be useful too. Teacups make excellent little storage pots for all manner of things from hair grips and earrings to loose change from your pockets, pop a tea light in to them and you have some pretty vintage glowing lights. We can’t deny that one of our favourite uses for teacups is to drink cocktails from them…..

This tea cup (and it’s friends) came from the Big C on Hall Road

Kitchen storage pots look lovely lined up on shelves, and yes you may only need three to hold your tea, coffee and sugar, but they are also handy for storing things like garlic in. Those china teapots that have long lost their lids and therefore their tea making skills, will also make great storage for utensils, make up brushes or can be turned in to plant pots and vases. Once you start looking at the china shelf in the charity shop as potential storage solutions the possibilities are endless!

Cocktail cabinets can make pretty bookcases or an alternative to drawers, or even a shoe cabinet! This cabinet was bought from Sense on Anglia Square


Glass decanters filled with bubble bath will glam up any bathroom (perhaps a thrifty Christmas idea there for you all!),  pretty china jugs make great toothbrush holders and sugar/honey pots make great containers for cotton wool etc. Vintage Norwich loves a good afternoon out and about exploring charity shops of Norwich, if you’re yet to experience the thrill of the hunt, what are you waiting for?

These glass decanters came from The Samaritans shop on Aylsham Road

Anglia Square has perhaps the highest concentration of Charity Shops, and is, of course, also handy for the vintage shopping mecca that is Magdalen Street, where there are also a couple more Charity Shops as well. For the more hardened hunter of bargains, try visiting the outskirts of Norwich for smaller charity shops that often have some great undiscovered bargains.

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Despite having been raised in Norwich since the age of seven, Kerry still finds herself often looking up in wonderment, tourist‑like, at the glories of the Fine City. Through her blog, Missy Vintage, Kerry’s mission in life is to show that vintage is an affordable lifestyle. She’s been known to combine her love of thrift and vino by sipping her wine from a pretty vintage china teacup.

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