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Vintage Norwich Visits the 70s

We decided that a day billed as a ‘Super Dooper 70s’  was one that needed to be  investigated.  The seventies is often referred to as the decade style forgot, we disagree, so we pulled out a seventies dress from the wardrobe,  created some Farrah Fawcett style hair, popped on a floppy hat, oversized sunglasses and some platform wedge sandals (we are after all, never knowingly under dressed) and set off on a drive to Wroxham Barns to see just what was so Super Dooper about this day.

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Throwing events can be a nail biting time for the organisers, especially when events are held out doors, and whilst you might dare to assume it will be sunny in July, this is the UK, so who knows! Fortunately the sun was shining and upon arriving it all seemed very busy, in fact we actually feared we might not get anywhere to park, but we were kindly directed to space by an extremely helpful car park attendant, so the disaster of having to visit the event as a drive by viewing was avoided. Phew.

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This is the first time this event has been held, and it mainly focused on the cars of the decade, over 100 cars were on show and looking mighty handsome they were too. As well as the cars there were also a few stalls, and we spotted some Vintage Norwich favourites in the form of Junk and Gems, Wake Up Little Susie and artist Simon Pritchard of Artbeat 64, along with a few other sellers that had also brought stock dedicated to the era.

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Although the stalls were few, the range of items was good and there was something really quite wonderful about seeing all items from the seventies.  We even spotted the exact versions of some board games we once owned, which sparked some childhood memories.

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The location of the event was indeed super, there was plenty of space away from it all to go and have our picnic and a snooze in the sun, before having a little potter around Wroxham Barns. There seemed to be a good turn out, and we hope that this event is repeated because it made a really nice afternoon out.  It was an interesting  decade to explore, and judging by the amount of cars on show, there’s obviously some real love for the era too.

Keep an eye on the Super Dooper 70s Facebook page for details of next years event.

Sounds of America

Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library
Saturday 8th December, 12 – 8pm

Enjoy a free celebration of Norfolk and American music through the decades:

12noon – 8pm: Enjoy a photographic display of gigs by American bands in Norfolk, and an exhibition of gig memorabilia.
12noon – 12.50pm: Kingsley Harris of the East Anglian Music Archive takes us on a journey back to the 1940s and 50s, explaining the influence of the Friendly Invasion on the Norfolk music scene. (Booking advisable).
1 – 2pm: A chance to reminisce about the unforgettable gigs you have attended by Norfolk and American artists. Bring in related memorabilia for an opportunity to add them to the Norfolk Heritage Library’s collection. (Booking essential).
2.30 – 3pm: Take part in a bluegrass workshop – watch how traditional bluegrass instruments are played and have a go yourself! Some instruments are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own instrument if you would like. (Booking advisable).
3.15 – 4.15pm: Enjoy a performance by stunning Norwich bluegrass band, The Broad Cut Drifters.
4.30 – 4.45pm: Listen to good ol’ American showtunes, courtesy of the intergenerational ‘Glee Club’.
5.30 – 8pm: Dance the evening away to your favourite American tunes from the 40s – 70s, with DJ sets from Earl Harlem and Martin Webb.

For more information and booking – 07789 282236 / laura.crossley@norfolk.gov.uk

Event Website

FILM: The Harder They Come (1972)

Cinema City, Norwich

22nd October 8:30pm

Jamaica 1972, 109 mins
Director: Perry Henzell
Starring: Carl Bradshaw, Jimmy Cliff, Janet Barkley, Basil Keane

The film features a scintillating turn from Jimmy Cliff as a young would-be singer who finds the going rough when he hits the big city of Kingston.Exploited by a dishonest record-company executive, Cliff turns his back on the establishment and becomes involved in the marijuana trade.

When he finds himself in the middle of a bloody raid, Cliff kills several cops and escapes, whereupon the duplicitous record exec releases his single The Harder They Come, elevating the fugitive to the status of folk hero.

Responsible for helping to popularise reggae (Cliff and The Maytals feature on the superlative score), this is however no easily-digested advertisement with Henzell pulling no punches in his uncompromising depiction of music-business shenanigans and inner-city violence.


Vintage Shopping : Shade of Pale


Magdalen Street has become a bit of  ‘must go to’ destination in Norwich. One of the newest additions is the shop Shade of Pale (near Lloyds TSB bank) which opened in April 2012. Owner Bren Tuttle is no rookie on the vintage scene, having sold at Aladdin’s cave both in the shop itself and at the Saturday fleamarket.

With a lovely big shop front, walking past is a bit like walking by a sweet  shop, with lots of things to draw the eye. The shop itself has several sellers, which makes for an eclectic mix of china, furniture and collectables.


The shop was full browsers and shoppers, and with treasures dotted everywhere it’s a great place to look for inspiration for your home. The great thing about a vintage inspired home is that you can create something eclectic or stick to a decade, use an array of vintage items or just dot a few items like an old camera on a bookshelf or something pretty on your dressing table to add interest. However you choose to style your home, buying vintage items adds a uniqueness that’s special.


Anyone looking to recreate a kitchen like your gran had, or build a dinner service that’s either for everyday or a special occasion should take a look in this shop. The great thing about shops like this, is that you never know what you’ll find and sometimes that’s something that you didn’t even know you wanted! It’s always fun to see how people react to items that bring back a memory for them too. One shopper picked up some bowls then  recalled to her friend how her mum used to have these same bowls and how they were brought out at Christmas for the prawn cocktails, another shopper cooed at some vintage Sindy and Barbie furniture.



As well all these lovely items from the past, Bren is also a supporter of local designers too. Displayed in one of the several cabinets was a collection bangles and necklaces which had been cleverly created by up-cycling cutlery. All created by Tom Green of Filby Fayre Creative Crafts, like many things in this shop, these really would make a great gift.


This shop is a fabulous little gem, it’s one to put on your list of shops to explore if you haven’t already. You can find Shade of Pale at 67-69 Magdalen Street. The opening hours are Tues-Fri 10:30am-4pm and Sat 10am-4pm.

Visit the Shade of Pale Facebook page